03:45 pm Free Walking Cusco + Free Pisco sour at bar Limbus

03:45 pm Free Walking Cusco + Free Pisco sour at bar Limbus

The last tour of the day this is also focus on the cusco history same as the last ones if you have missing already the last two no worries because you willl still do this free tour , take a selfie with the local ladies with the flamboyant outfit and crazy beautiful looking llamas and alpacas , visit the 12 angle stones and cruise around the bohemian neighborhood of SAN BLAS getting to to end and having a free pisco sour known as the Peruvian national drink at the same time being able to see the sunset at the best bar and the best view of town . Don’t miss out the opportunity to know where you can get the Machupicchu sandwich at the local Market of SAN BLAS and the amazing smoothies by the ladies at this very clean Market .

What to bring ?

Recharged camara , comfy shoes , raincoat small change for tipping the locals and their llamas , Extra money for tipping and good mood .

Duration of tour : about two hours

recommendations : you will also pass throu places where you can by water and stay at limbus to see the sunset with a cold cusqueña beer.

thankf for choosing the FREE WALKING PERU BLUE TEAM .


12:45 pm Free Walking Cusco + Free Bus to Sacsayhuaman

 12:45 pm Free Walking Cusco + Free Bus to Sacsayhuaman

this is  our second tour and has a very different set up comparing with the first 10:oo am tour and so diffrent than all the other free tours that exist in cusco  , we want to show you the different areas of cusco so you can always remember Free walking peru tours The Blue team. The guide will talk about the other part of the history that you did not hear on the first tour making sure that you want to learn more , taking you to spots and neighborhoods that you haven’t seen yet, on this tour we need a minimum of 15 people so we can have a free drive to Sacsayhuamán and the statute of Jesus this is the highest place in cusco and with the free walking tour you will be able to see the megalithic inka stone work as close as you can imagine without having to pay a fee (meaning wou will see the ruins from the outside) , we will explain the many different theories that this place has and what in reality is today . (if you feel like exploring this before we finish the tour dont worry we will leave you at the entrance . the fee cost 70.00 soles  this is possible at the very end of the #freetour).

just to make sure the missuderstanding from previous tours. here we explain .how we have a free drive  bus up to sacsahuaman and the statue of jesus .

question from our previous  free walkers ?

so how is it really  the drive for free  ?

or who pays for it ?

do i fell bad in case i dont buy anything at the shop whist we do the tour at 12:45 ?

as free walking tour in cusco for 5 years we were able to meet good projects or organizations like the one we visit and the ones who are able to provide a transportation for us  .

the organization and shop we visit works with people in the sacred valley in the town named as misminay close to the archeological site of MORAY . they are quechuas speakers and they do their textiles by hand with the same techniques like in ancient inka times using organic alpaca wool and natural pigments that they collect from nature , they show us how they do the threats from scratch and how long they take to make one garment. many of those people dont have the oportunity to explain this to the visitors  and with  the translators you will be able to see this part of the life  in the Andes . we first visit sacsayhuaman and the statue having the highest view of cusco. the work shop is almost at the end (toilets here )

at the same time they can  make some money  out of it if this resonates with you having the oportunity to see the products before we take the transport back to the main square .

in the plaza de armas of cusco if you want to buy genuine alpaca products is very expensive for many different reason  is just expensive at this place you will be able to find good things for a reasonable price without being hassled and in a responsable plus you help the locals to keep this  way of life .   you are not obligated to buy if you dont want or need .

many people on the walking tour understand this concept and they are happy with it. so we dont want you to think that this is a comercialized tour this is  the way how we get the transport for free.

NOTICE : if you dont buy anything and you really like the workshop and feel like leaving few soles as a tip to the translator  please do,  at least they cover the fuel and you dont feel guilty.

METTING PLACE : main plaza by the fountain and look out for our staff wearing the trendy tops , easy to recognize THE BLUE TEAM

DURATION OF TOUR : 2 hours to 2 and a half from beggining to end if we dont have at least 10 cool people we do the tour diferently than the one at 10:00 am.

WHAT TO BRING ? : recharged cameras , rain coats , comfy trekking shoes , cash for tipping also  some coins in case taking pictures with llamas and tippind translator at the workshop and maybe buying things like,water.

RECOMMENDATION : for food after tour , so bring something to snack .


10:00 am Free Walking Cusco 2 hours Tour + Ceviche Class

10:00 am Free Walking Cusco 2 hours Tour + Ceviche Class

this is the first tour at 10:00 with the blue team the tour includes an introduction of the inka history and the free walking tour takes about two hours from the beginning untill the end,  covering one part of the historial center where the tour guide on shift talks about history, in the pre-Hispanic time , colonial and what is cusco today as well as giving you tips where to get the best places to eat like a local  , also we show you inka music , selfie with the llamas and Alpacas and too much more , if you want your time worth so join our Free walking Peru tours BLUE TEAM  to find more about our program and if you want more of cusco fell free to join the next one at 12:45 because this tour is absolutely different than this one .

METTING PLACE  : main plaza by the fountain Recognize our team with THE BLUE TEAM

DURATION OF TOUR :2 hours plus at the end we teach you as an extra activities how to prepare the Peruvian ceviche

what to bring ?:  charged camera , rain coat cause the weather is very unpredictable at  all times in cusco , sun screen , comfy shoes , Peruvian  coins if you want to pay for the locals to take a picture with the llamas , as well as extra cash ,to tip the guide at the end of the tour.

RECOMMENDATION : ask the guide where  the san blas market is  . here you can eat the MACHUPICCHU SANDWICH for 7.00 soles or have the best smoothies and if you are veggetarian here the best falafels .