F.A.Q.’s – Free Walking Peru Tours – The Blue Team

​Do I require a reservation for the tour?

To guarantee your place use the online booking form, which can be found at the website.

What time does the tour start?

Show up 5-10 minutes before the start time;

  • Morning tour starts at 10:00am daily
  • Midday tour starts at 12:45pm daily
  • Afternoon tour starts at 3:45pm daily

How long does the tour take?

The tour will generally last two hours.

Where is the meeting point?

The meeting point is located at Plaza de Armas (Main Square) by the fountain. Look for the friendly gentlemen in the ‘Freewalkingperu’ branded, bright blue t-shirts don’t get confused by others sometimes they say it is us , and you end up doing a FREE BORING TOURS 🙂 by other groups.

What languages are the tour offered in? 

The tour is offered in English and Spanish . DO IT WITH THE PROS.

Will there be any entry fees or monetary charges whilst on the tour?

There are no extra costs whilst on the tour whatsoever. You may however, bring some spending money as we will pass by many artisanal stores and eateries on the way and also sometimes you fell like taking some pictures with the locals and their cute llamas and alpacas as well as you might donate some coins to some musicians when they performed their music.


Are there a maximum number of people allowed to join the tour?

No, we use a personal amplification system for voice projection so we can cater to any number of people.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Cuzco has very unpredictable weather, therefore we suggest that you equip yourselves with the following;

  • Sun Lotion
  • Rain Jacket / Umbrella
  • Drinking Water
  • Coins (for photographs with locals & animals)
  • Camera / Video Camera
  • Wear Trainers / Walking Shoes

Is the tour really free?

Freewalkingperu does not charge a fee for its tours. However, we do ask that if you enjoy your time with us and have a valuable and fullfilling experience, that you consider to leave us a tip it is important to know as some people we had before , they say it is free and walk away without even saying thanks, we know that in many countries tipping is not custom since the salaries are very high and allows people to go on holidays and get to see the world, however this is our job and we dont work for the government or are financially supported by other companies ,we only get your TIPS. so thanks a lot. we make sure all our team is happy and willing to do the future tours.

Are any of the other free walking tours in Cuzco related to Freewalkingperu?

No. We operate independently from all other walking tours in Cuzco. For truly the best experience be sure to look for the friendly gentlemen in the ‘Freewalkingperu’ branded, bright blue t-shirts and meet us by the fountain of plaza de armas.