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This is the official license that our guides carry on the tours, provided by the PERUVIAN GOVERNMENT,MINISTRY OF TURISM and the CUZCO COUNCIL, WE ARE PROFFESIONALS.

MARCO Gonzales S.

was born in the Amazonian jungle, in a little town called Panuco, located on the Tamaya River. As a child he worked with his family harvesting coca leaves but at the age of nine he moved with his family to Pucallpa to find better opportunities. He became the main provider for his family after his father suddenly left, working as a shoe-shiner. During this difficult time he found solitude at a shelter for street children and it was here where he first was introduced to English, which quickly became one of his greatest loves.

With hard work and determination, Marco completed high school and at the age 22 moved to Cusco, the Imperial city of the Incas. He worked in many areas as a porter; a salesclerk; a waiter; and as a kitchen-hand peeling potatoes. With the money he earned he managed to fund his way through tourism school to become a professional tour guide. For the next seven years he would guide tourists to Machu Picchu specializing in specific trails such as: Inca TrailSalkantay, Lares, Choquequirao and others.

Today, Marco is the proud creator and owner of Bloody Bueno Peru and Free Walking Peru. He is also a professional guide with over ten years of working experience. He speaks several languages including: Spanish, English, Portuguese and German. He has an incredible talent as a storyteller and in recounting Peruvian history and events. His passion and love for his country is unquestionable, which what makes his tours so special, memorable and unique.