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Bloody Bueno Peru is our Sister company and they work together with Freewalkingperu. If you have not yet arranged a tour in Cusco, Bloody Bueno Peru can help you with everything you need. With unbeatable tour prices, you can explore:

These are just some of the adventures offered and if you think you have the best tour price, Bloody Bueno Peru bet they can beat it! Book your excursions with Bloody Bueno Peru.

One of the many benefits to doing a free walking tour with us is that if you wish to travel with Peru Hop, you will receive a $5.00 discount on any ticket!

But that’s not all! If you cross the border into Bolivia and travel with Bolivia Hop, you will receive a FREE tour to Isla del Sol in Lake Titikaka, Copacabana!

Peru Hop are the only bus company in Peru that offers a hop system, allowing you to hop off at any destination on route for as long as you like, then hop back on when ready to move on to your next destination!

Some of the advantages to travelling with Peru Hop & Bolivia Hop:

  • Discounts on route in hostels, hotels & restaurants
  • Door to door service (see website for more details)
  • Safest buses in Peru with NO accidents in 4 years
  • Ticket valid for 1 year
  • Bilingual local guides on every bus
  • Border crossing assistance into Bolivia
  • Safe, flexible and fun
  • Meet fellow travellers and journey together

To receive your discount all you need to do is mention Freewalkingperu and your guides’ name when booking.

LIMBUS is a four year dream in manifestation! Thinking of a special place where there is neither good nor evil, big nor little, white nor black. A place to feel free without any ties, with no conformity or pressures.

LIMBUS was imagined for guests to be able to forget about the daily grind, leave obligations behind and to simply be.

Experience life, live the flavours of the food and the sublime freezing cold drinks. Enjoy the company of friends from all over the world, visitors who bring photos, adventures & songs. Countless stories are told at LIMBUS while on the balcony overlooking one of the best views Cusco has to offer!

If you review Freewalkingperu on Trip Advisor you will not only have acces to happy hour but a happy day because you will receive two drinks for the price of one! All you have to do is show the bar tender your Trip Advisor review when you order.

During our tours we also visit this fascinating place to learn about how the Inka’s used all natural processesto dye their hand woven clothes. This technique and many others are still preserved to this day thanks to the work of Inka’s Expression.

Inka’s Expression work with local Peruvians and believe strongly in fair trade and sustainable practices. A large portion of the proceeds return directly to the communities of Misminay and Mullakas, from which they source their goods.

Receive up to a 40% discount at Inka’s Expression, all you need to do is mention Freewalkingperu and your guides’ name in store.

Day & Night Maps

If you plan on heading to Lima, please treat yourself with this amazing free walking tour with our friends in the capital. They run free walking tours of Barranco, Miraflores and Downtown lima.